BBQ Outdoor Catering Menu

Our approach to outside catering is simple - creating bespoke menus using the finest local produce that Sri Lanka has to offer. Since 2017, BBQ Junkies have been dedicated to crafting special events, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a gathering of friends. Each and every event is special to us and we bring the same sense of fun, creativity, style, and imagination to everything we do. Reservations - 0770656898
  • Kids900.00
  • Small900.00
  • Regular/Medium 1,500.00
  • Large2,000.00
BBQ Chicken
Chicken Thighs Platter (Pick Up / Delivery)

  • Regular/Medium 2,200.00
  • Large4,000.00
All Star BBQ Chicken Platter by BBQ Junkies (Pick Up / Delivery)

5 X Jamican Chicken Thighs 500g Fajita Chicken Kebabs 5 Chicken Gourmet Bockwursts 1kg of Proteins
  • Regular/Medium 3,000.00
Baked Cheesy Shrimp Pasta for the Family (Pick Up / Delivery)

This Cheesy Shrimp Pasta Bake is definitely a family-pleasing meal. Pre Orders: 0770656898
  • Regular/Medium 4,000.00
  • Large4,000.00
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